:: 2011 Hamfest Tailgating ::

  • The HamFest is March 5th - 6th at the Zamora Shrine Temple

  • The Tailgate is held in the parking lot to the left as you enter the Shrine Temple facility.

    The upper 2 lanes of the parking lot will be dedicated to Tailgate vehicles.

  • The cost this year is $10 PER SPACE, with no admission button included. First come, first served.

  • If you are pulling a trailer, you may use the second parking lane and pull your vehicle through. This will allow you to park your vehicle in the third lane, but your trailer will be parked in the the 2nd lane and part of the tailgate area.

    If you drive a single vehicle with no trailer, please use the first lane of spaces.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gary Green, W4GRE, or Martha Green, K4MHG,
    @ 205-938-1250.

    We hope to see you there!